Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dawa Love Story

This story was sent to a Muslim group that I belong to. Is it true? I hope it is!

There was a white young girl who came to Islam by simply reading the Quran.

As she was at work, a good white Christian young man saw her wearing the hijab andwanted to get to know her more, she informed him that she is a Muslim and that she wants to marry a Muslim man only. This was a unique man in our society. He had not even kissed a girl even though he is in his twenties. He promised his Christian mother and father that he will obey the laws of The Creator.

He decided to study the Quran, as the sister did. This was a few weeks ago that he started this journey. Besides my wife and I, there was another Muslim brother and sister that had been involved with giving him dawa while he read the Quran.The young Christian man came to our house last night and talked to us till about midnight.

Then, last night the sister that was involved with dawa, had a dream that he became Muslim. Alhumdulilah, this young man took shaddah last night at 1:30 am as the dream of our sister showed. Allah has blessed us with this new Muslim man to our community and soon insha'allah he will ask the sister to marry him.

Please make dua and remember to never be afraid to be Muslim, you never know who will come to Islam, by simply knowing you!

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Anonymous said...

SubhanAllahAllah is the best sister you are married right?