Monday, September 29, 2008

Ramadan 29: Build Your Nest

Allah will work wonders in your life.
This Spring, I thought I was falling. Then, I took a walk and looked out over the lake. There were birds in the air and I thought, "I'm not falling. I'm flying." It was a verse from Quran that I was thinking of.
Turns out that Buzz Lightyear has the same thought in the movie Toy Story.
Allah will hold you aloft, that is so true. But in order to be in this miraculous state, you need to trust. You need to leave the nest and spread your wings AND possibly fail. I have failed. I have failed so many times it isn't funny...or maybe it is! With every failure, there has been fear that I was falling, only to feel that I was safe with Ar-Razzaq, The Sustainer.
The birds in the air do need to fly out and they do need to fly back. In between they must find what they need to build their nest. This idea is what keeps me busy. Sure, Allah sustains all of us, but we have to do our part.
Do your best and leave the rest. Leave the rest to Allah.
It's worked for me this Ramadan.
It's not too late to ask Allah for what you need.
May Allah hear the contents of your heart and enable you to fly so you can build your nest.


Brownie said...

Mabrook, congratulations for everything..Allah kareem

muslimah said...

alhamdulillah. ♥

definitely a memorable ramadan for you. jazkhallahu khairan for sharing your journey with us. may Allah swt continue to guide you to siratul mustaqeem..and mr.Boo as well. and bless you to become an asset for the community and the ummah! AMEEN. say ameen. :)


p.s. whenever you celebrate eid.. EID MUBARAK! enjoy it, inshaAllah.

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Brownie,

Thank you, Habibati!

Asalamlaykom Muslimah,

I had no idea the journey would go like this! Subhanallah!

Ameen to your du'a :)