Monday, September 29, 2008

Ramadan 28: Remember the Poor

This is the first Ramadan blog I am writing at the end of the fast, rather than at the beginning. My brain is fuzzier, my mouth dry, my energy waning.

It is good, however, to remember that many, many people all over the globe face this moment without adequate food or clean water.

Last night, my mother said to me, "I don't understand why mothers of small children are forced to fast!"

She had seen that I was struggling a bit as I was preparing the salad for our plentiful meal. I told her, "Because Mom, if I never felt that hunger, I would never really know how it feels for the mothers who cannot break any fast. They have to prepare food for their children while they themselves starve."

I saw her face fall. It hit home.

We are always going to err on being a human race of individuals and through Islam we remember to stop running away from our responsibilities towards those lagging behind.

I get this good feeling from starting my fast and from ending my fast. Alhumdulillah.

Astragferallah for our brothers and sisters with whom we have not shared our blessings.

One of my favorite stories of the Sahabi, the companions of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), is that of a companion inviting a traveler to his home. I hope I get this right, and if you know the story better, please let me know.

The man was invited to the home by the husband, of course who did so without checking with his wife first. That hasn't changed! So, he shows up and surprises his wife who has to pull her hubby aside and whisper, "We don't have enough for ourselves!"

What to do?

They could have sent him away with some excuse.

They could have given him a meager amount.

Instead, the couple devised a plan. They kept their home darkened, set the table, and proceeded to have a meal with the stranger friend. The husband and wife enjoyed their time with him; their hands all going from plate to their mouths again and again. Only, the couple held nothing in their hands and ate not a crumb. They only pretended to eat so their hospitality could be extended and their food shared.
Subhanallah! The Sahabi were among the best of believers.

What about us? As I go to break my fast, please think of those in need tonight.

May Allah loosen the purse strings of those in the world who are killing themselves from eating too much and give to those who are dying from having none.

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