Friday, September 26, 2008

Ramadan 26: Supposed To


Tonight I was supposed to fly to Egypt.

That was my plan, but obviously God's plan was different,
for here I am with the job I really wanted, staying amongst family.

Subhanallah! My prediction for my future was very wrong. Only Allah knows the future.

We hear the nightly news on TV and shout out to the kitchen, "Hey! It's supposed to rain tomorrow!"

Is it?

We can predict anything we want to. Sometimes our predictions will be more accurate than others, but often times they will fail.

The only way we can ever be 100% sure of our forecasts for the future is to say, "If God wills it," or "Inshahallah." Then we know we will be right.

I'm always amazed at how pregnant women get fooled into believing their due date. Really? The doctor can tell you exactly when that unborn baby is coming out? Noooo...only Allah knows! Then, when the doctor's prediction turns out to be wrong, there CAN'T be anything wrong about him--there must be something wrong with the baby. Medical interventions, such as pitocin drips and breaking the amniotic fluid sac are done. Why? To show that the doctor has the power and the knowledge, astragferallah.

This study talks about how the average gestational duration of 40 weeks for humans doesn't necessarily mean induction one week past the due date. In fact, their study says, "Many practitioners induce labor in pregnancies that reach 41 weeks; however, our data suggest that routine intervention then would likely increase labor complications (longer labors, increased operative deliveries) with little or no infant benefit."

Can you imagine putting yourself at risk for longer labor and increased chance at a c-section just because some doctor got hung up on his or her prediction? If there is any time you want to give up your pre-conceived notions to God, it's when you're having a baby. The power is with Allah in that moment, for sure.

The power is with Allah all the time actually.

What is it, on this 26th day of Ramadan, that you are holding on to as a must for the future? How are you acting like a weather forecaster or a doctor? I'll admit that I become arrogant at times; thinking that I KNOW what would be best. But I don't know. You don't know.

Only Allah knows.

One thing about praying istakkarah is that the power that you have been trying in vain to hold on to is put back rightfully with Allah. I don't mean you ever held on to the power--that was an illusion. There was the asssumption that you had to know and actually you don't know about the future.

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) once told his listeners that he would continue the parable of The Cave the next day. Allah sent down this message,

"And never say about anything, 'Behold, I shall do this tomorrow.' without [adding], 'if God so wills.' And if thou shouldst forget [thyself at the time, and become aware of it later], call thy Sustainer to mind and say: 'I pray that my Sustainer guide me, even closer than this, to a consciousness of what is right!'"

Yes, Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) made a mistake. It's very important that we always keep in mind that he was human. We should never claim angelic perfection for him or astragferallah Godly heritage. He made a mistake. If our blessed Prophet, who was among the best of men, can make a mistake about predicting the future, then we should be able to admit that we tend towards this failing as well.

Oh, Al Aleem! You alone know every second of the past and You alone know every second in the future. We pray now, in the only guaranteed moment we have, to remember You when we think of what could happen. It is only through You that sun shines for another day. It is only through you that we live to take another breath. Let us never forget how all the actions on earth are only by Your leave. Ameen.


muslimah said...

assalaamualaikum warahmatullah my sister in islam ♥

i've been reading your blog for about a week now and alhamdulillah decided to post!

everything seems to be looking up for you.. and i wanted to remind you that (since tonight will be the 27th night, cuz remember after maghrib is a new day) for you to take some time in your dua- and thank Allah(swt). we usually are quick to make duas when we need something or are having difficulties. mashaAllah you are doing well in the week that i have been reading.. its been such a drastic change! ..dont forget to be grateful.

i am truly happy for you. stay strong, sis.

Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam Muslimah,

Thanks for the heart! I don't know how you did that!

And thanks for the heartfelt words. Yes, I do feel better, alhumdulillah.

I do thank Allah. I don't know if I thank as much as I ask. Allahu alim.

It's interesting how there was only one Thanksgiving dinner. They survived the hard times, gave thanks, and then went into prosperity without another thought of a Thanksgiving. We only memorialized the occassion in later years.

Alhumdulillah in the good times and the bad. Alhumdulillah for everything really.

Thanks to you for reading and pointing it out the Layla tul Qadr calculations. I wasn't figuring it that way at all.

There has to be some site that talks about this somewhere! Anyone have a link?

muslimah said...

quick reply. love it!

the heart is A L T and 3, at the same time! ☺ < A L T and 1.. lol

i thought you knew, and im guessing no one else spotted the "typos".. so im doing my duty as your sister. :)
oh yea, plus tonight would be the 27th, and i didnt want you to miss out.
inshaAllah all your tahajjud and other ibaadah will be accepted because in the end, it was your INTENTION that matters most. Allah knows best.
im seriously going to miss ramadan.. :( how about you? said...

assalam alaikum

Thanks for linking to HalfDate.

We didn't know people are putting widgets for HalfDate :)

L_Oman said...

Smiles coming your way from Oman! I'm pretty much offline during our weekends of (thur / fri), so it was sweet to see your newest news.

Sorry about losing that deposit though! Ouch!