Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadan 2: Healthy

What we put into our bodies must nourish us.
This is the food of course but it's more than that. We soak up thoughts and information as well. We grow ourselves based on the environment we provide for ourselves. We have brains which enable us to make decisions for right and wrong and change our ways. Do we?

Certainly, during fasting I change my foods. I can't eat the processed crud of Pringles and pop. I eat the whole grains, the lean meat, the fresh fruits, the vegetable soups and drink more water. There is a limit to what I can take in, so I focus on what is most natural. The more natural a food; the closer it is to the perfection of Allah.

What about the words and ideas going into our minds? Do we change that during Ramadan?

I know many people give up listening to music during this month. It's not a bad idea. I have done that as well. Last year, I only listened to Quran and nasheeds (the music done for Allah with only percussion and male voices or children). There are so many subversive messages that stream into our subconscious that we can't filter as they come too fast and with too much of a good beat to resist.

Many people get caught up with what's happening in the news. Yesterday was a BIG news day with Hurricane Gustav and then the other storm out of Alaska. Yes, Bristol, the 17 year-old daughter of Republican V.P. nominee Sarah Palin was pregnant.

Or that's what they say. Is she? Was she before? Did her mother lie? Where is the proof? Where is the truth?

I got caught up in it. I was watching youtube reports to uncover "the truth". Did she really give birth to Baby Trig in April?

It was a mistake I made. The truth is known to Allah. No matter how much I want Democrats in the White House, I don't have a right to know what's been in or is currently in the womb of that girl. Would I want everyone in the world picking apart my girl in six years? Looking at her tummy in a family photo? Of course not. Whatever has happened or is happening is sad. I don't need to let that touch me and my Ramadan.

Barak Obama made his comment about it. He said children of candidates were hands-off. He then went on to say that his own mother gave birth to him at age 18. God bless her. And may Allah reward Barak Obama for being upfront about his beginnings. Yes! We all have families that can be picked apart.

Pointing fingers at the screwed-up lives of others just isn't healthy. It isn't just that judging hurts them; it is damaging to us, the accuser. Why? Because it takes our attention away from making better our own screwed-up lives. We are not blameless! We all need to repent! And if we want to bring goodness to the rest of the world, we have to start with improving our own little corner.
We are not here on earth to assign gold stars on a chart. We are here to figure out how to achieve our own good marks. By getting side-tracked, I left my observance of Allah during Ramadan. I'm sorry for that. Astragferallah.

This is the time to examine the mindless consumption through all of our orfices. It isn't just about healthy food. It's about wholesome thoughts as well.


egyptchick7 said...

True that...I am also consumed by my fav website dlisted.com and news of the Palin pregnancies and maybe if Trig was Sarah's or Bristol's. It sooooo scandalous. You know, this just proves how terrible in judgement McCain is. He never vetted Sarah and that alone is no-good.

About young mothers, I think it is something if your daughter at 17 is pregnant and your platform is family values....paging Vito Fosella...

My Egyptian grandmother married at age 14...that's how things were done and it was acceptable.

How is the RNC going up where you are anyway? Heard there were a lot of brave ppl where you are protesting.

srtuba said...

Ramadan kareem sister! :)

Yosra said...

Asalamlaykom EgyptChick,

Hey! You didn't say if you ate suhour today :)

I know what you're saying about some true news-worthiness of yesterday's surprising announcement. I agree that it points to some real issues.

HOWEVER, in Ramadan we need to see clearer how the world pulls us into those scandles and keeps us there far longer than necessary.

Interesting fact about your grandma. Truly, there are many middle-school girls who are mature enough to get married, in my opinion. If you passed them in the hallways, you'd think they were a teacher. And boy-crazy! Hooking them up in a halal relationsihp is better than having them hook up into haram.

The RNC is swinging. Doesn't touch me a bit. AbuBoo is working more hours at his various gigs because of it. I often wonder what the Republicans think of Arab and Somali men helping them around town. Do they worry?!

As for the protestors--the peaceful ones are blessed; the Anarchists are fools.

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Sr. Tuba,

Thank you for your wishes. May Ramadan fill you with renewed energy to worship Allah.

Anonymous said...

>What is the real story?
This was a burdensome issue for me from my immediate family for decades. A very sweet bro (masha Allah) finally pointed out to me that all the answers I want and need will be provided to me eventually. Alhumdiallah, it really diminished the significance of the "immediate" and put my mind to rest.
Fast on Sister!
Love and Peace,

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Brooke,

Nice to see you.

"Eventually," as I've stated before, gets me through all my frustrations about the future.

"Allah knows." That helps me with the now.

"Allah was there." Helps me with the past.

Love how you say it. Keep coming back and saying more.