Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadan 1: Not Alone

I woke at 4:30 to make suhour.

I made Northern beans (because I forgot to cook the Fava beans) with cumin seeds, ground cumin, white pepper, salt, olive oil and lime juice. Scooped that up with toasted whole wheat pita.

On the side, I had three small yellow tomatoes.

I finished it off with the leftover sips of a cranberry, buttermilk, and brown sugar smooothie I made last night (and Mr. Boo didn't finish).

To top off the suhour, I broke off a fourth of a banana flavored oatmeal bar from Quaker

I also drank two glasses of water.

Why tell you all of this? Because I know from the keyword searches I always get during Ramadan that there are a lot of believers fasting for the first time who are alone.
Sadly, I remember being alone during my first time fasting, back in 2001. I didn't know to get up and eat in the morning before fajr. It is sunnah, meaning that Prophet Mohammed, pbuh, advised it. I was actually trying to get through the day with only food from the night before! I was clueless and I don't want anyone else to go through what I had to.

There's no need to feel alone. As you and I fast, so do a billion other people on the planet.
However, even if you were the only one--the ABSOLUTE only one--fasting on Earth, you would still have The Sustainer.

If you are fasting by yourself this Ramadan remember that you are not alone either.


Kathryn said...

Hi Yosra!

Just thought I'd pop into your site and say hello as you sometimes pop into my blog. I enjoy your writing so much. It's funny, interesting, thought provoking and I usually learn something new. Also, since I am not Muslim it's really interesting to me to read about life as a Muslim from your point of view. I have to say, that ythe food you chose and prepared sounds wonderful!

Also, you've mentioned going to Egypt. I was there once for vacation in Spring 2007. We vacationed at a resort on the Red Sea. Beautiful there, but what struck me most was how genuinely kind the people were there, especially to our children. they really seem to love children and as one man told me there "children are truly gifts from God/Allah".

Anyway, I hope you're able to visit there one day when it's the right time for you.

Peace be with you!

Yosra said...

Asalamlaykom Kathryn in Germany,

Nice to see you here for a change.

Ya, you don't have to be Muslim to be a reader of this blog :) There is no bouncer at the door checking for prayer beads.

I appreciate your comments very much. I am not a typical Muslim in some ways. If you read the comments you'll see that many people roast me for being too open. Probably just as many people comment positively about that same honesty. I do think that being real is what will pull others to Islam and not pretending perfection.

Egypt really is where I want to go again--more for the people than for the places. I have only been to Cairo and Port Said. Though, I would love to go to Alexandria. My newest dude is headed there after umrah and I would be so fine to accompany him there in the future.

I haven't been to the seaside and have really mixed feelings about that. Sounds beautiful and fun. However, I am a covered woman and the beach just doesn't do it for me now. This is both because of feeling hot under wraps and for new feelings of modesty that have come about within me over the years.

Yes, what you say about Egyptians loving children is so true. I'm glad you picked up on that. It's actually true throughout the Muslim world. Children are fawned over. They are given gifts from complete strangers.

Walking through the Somali market here with my two oldest children years ago, meant Muslims stopping us to give my son a prayer rug and my daughter a hejab. Never saw them before and haven't seen them since. Br. Idris and his wife do, of course, get remembered often as good deed doers.

Keep coming by! It's nice to have you here.

egyptchick7 said...

I NEVER did it really all that helpful? Does it make you not as hungry when you wake up? Ramadan Kareem :)

Yosra said...

Asalamlaykom EgyptChick,

Habibti! Wow, if you never tried it then this is the year! :)

Ya, I need suhour. Without suhour I get migraine headaches towards nightfall. I think it's possible for me to fast until 5 PM without suhour, but not until almost 8 PM, as it was tonight.

It is sunnah.

BUT, here's the thing: you really need to eat the stick-to-your-ribs foods high in fiber. If you only were to wake for coffee and a Pop Tart, then it would be for nothing. You've got to get like you are nourishing your body FER REAL.

Try it! All the cool kids do suhour. ;) Come on! Just once! What are ya? Chicken? Well, I guess you are kind of...since you are EgyptCHICK.


Our Rewards Await Us said...

Ramadan Mubarak! That's about all I have the energy to say right now! But insha'Allah we'll chat soon!

L_Oman said...

Ramadan Kareem, ya Yosra!

Being that we had our suhoor about 4 hours ago (which was some white rice, laban, apples and oranges)I'll give you my two cents on it.

I get hungrier when I eat suhoor. I'm sure if I ate more protein (fiber makes me hungry and don't get me started on carbs), I'd make it through the day like a breeze!

It's gonna be a long day since I gobbled up that rice - we fast for about 14 hours here!

Just wanted to comment about your comment about not going to the seaside - why not go?~? Is it because of the others and how they dress? I can get that, but girlie - we swim in our abayas here sometime (although you do feel like two tonne tessy coming out of the water)!

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom ORAU,

Thanks for your well-wishes!

Understandably you have limited energy. It's hard taking care of baby AND working. I was pretty bummed out at not working...but yesterday (Alhumdulillah) was easier for being out of work.

May Allah make it easy on you :)

Asalamalaykom l_Oman,

:) Thank you for sending kindness from far away. I love encircling the globe with this sisterly love.

I am not a fan of white rice. It metabolises too quickly and gives that carb HIGH and then that sudden low. What about brown rice? I cook mostly brown, with a little white AND put in brown lentils. Saute it all with chopped onion first, then add the chicken broth or bouillon, water and salt. Mr. Boo eats it up like nobody's business--God bless him.

Ya, try more protein. Beans? Eggs? You did do the laban. Nut butter? 14 hours is a long time--Subhanallah! And it's hot there now too, right?

OK, about the seaside...ya, I didn't want to say too much about it, since I was addressing a non-Muslim and I didn't want to sound too preachy. I do dress up in my wacked-out version of a swimsuit and I love being in the water. LOL at your 2-ton Tessy remark!

Ya, the problem for me is the vibe of debauchery. I have never felt comfortable hanging out in swimsuits. I don't actually think most women do. It shows too much. I cringe when I think of my first husband's family spending whole days around their pool. It's an atmosphere of drinking and partying and showing off bodies. Even if it's families, somehow the mom and dad end up cuddling and touching each other. And I hate seeing girls paraded out wearing very little infront of men and boys--Astragferallah.

My feeling. I know that some will agree and some won't.

ammena said...

masha'allah sis.. its mistakes like this that I thank Allah (swt) for giving me the support network of just one sister while I was in my last year of university after just converting. Alhamdulillah. As for now, I find sometimes I sleep in :( and sometimes I drink just milk for subhoor cause Im not really a breakfast person, it makes me feel sick. Alhamdulillah I cant really remember a fasting day that was soo bad because of what I had eaten (or not) for subhoor. I pray everyone out there gets to experience the glow from fasting the way of Muhammed (saws)

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Ammena,

How special to have that one friend! Inshahallah, all of us can now be that one friend for someone else who is new to Islam.

I like that you tell the truth about sleeping in and/or not eating sometimes. We all need to be real about how our Ramadan is. When we talk like angels but secretly act like humans, it is very confusing for those trying to figure out Islam.

Ameen to everyone feeling the glow :)