Thursday, September 25, 2008








dramamama said...

ALHAMDULILLAH!!!! I'm so happy for you and Mr Boo! (Hey that rhymes!) heeee

egyptchick7 said...

yayyyyyyyyyyy!!! Holller!! Thank God!!!!!! Congratttttttttssssss!!!!!!

imanubillah said...

as salaamu alaikum:

may Allah bless you in this ameen!

Kathryn said...

Did you get the job teaching at the Jewish school? :O)

ammena said...

alhamdulillah, so which school is this? insha'allah the time there is useful and you dont feel oo bad about not going to Egypt

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Dramamama,

Your words that rhyme made for a happy time. ;) Thanks!

Asalamlaykom EgyptChick,

LOL! I'll have to do without all the Egyptian men...or will I...? Well, I'm happy to be here. :) Thanks for being happy with me!

Asalamalaykom Imanubillah,

Ameen to your du'a. I felt a little overwhelmed today when I visited the school, but alhumdulillah :) I'll get back into the swing of things, inshahallah.

Asalamalaykom Kathryn,

Ahhhh, you are indeed an observant reader! But NO! Not the right answer. Actually, it is the school where I used to teach.

Remember my teacher-friend who left her job suddenly? I was up for the position then, but they hired someone else. He didn't last. One of the teachers in the lower grades is going to replace him and then I am going to replace her. Inshahallah :)

Asalamalaykom Ammena,

As I was saying to Kathryn, it's where I've taught before AND it's even the same grade I last taught at the school. Subhanallah, I coulnd't ask for better!

Yosra said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

Hey, I was wondering, do u have a teacher's license? Just wondering if Islamic schools require their teachers to have teaching licenses or not? I mean, if we are going to pay big bucks for our children to attend a private school, you'd think they'd require a teaching license, right? Could you enlighten me on this and why they don't require that? Just confused is all, and would like u to explain it to me. Thanks so much

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Anonymous,

Welcome to my blog. I don't like the use of "Anonymous," so, please pick a name and then we can build a repoire.

Building a repoire, a relationship, on Muslim adab is important. So often our words can be misunderstood are harsh or biting, when maybe we don't mean to come off as sounding arrogant like that.

As Muslims, we are actually mandated to start every interaction with, "Asalamlaykom." Not, "Hey."

I do extend the greeting to every commentator on my blog. Why? Because I am not just writing on a screen; I am writing to an actual person.

Now, you ask some questions. The way you framed them makes me think you have a certain ideological bent on what should be.

Many things in life, "should," but reality is different.

Frankly, you should have been nicer in the way you asked me the questions. You come across as sounding, "snarky," whereas perhaps you didn't mean to at all. I'm going to put that aside, print your question, make excuses for you, and attempt to answer you.

Me? I should have a teaching license. I do not. I am a born teacher. I have a B.A. degree, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, and years of experience. I also raised three children as a stay-at-home mom. Often times, I've been a struggling single mom.

If you want to arrange for me to have $16,000 and free childcare, then we can set that up and I'll go get my additional coursework done. I'm an, "A," student in my teaching coursework, by the way.

Should the school hire a mashahallah excellent hejabi teacher even if she is not licensed? I think they should, if the background warrants, as mine does. Many of my teacher friends went on to get their degrees and licensing while earning money at Muslim schools. Think about it! If they had not been hired, due to lack of licensure, then they could not have had enough money to acheive their goals. Doesn't it make more sense for Muslim schools to hire those, who are called to teach, and then help them out? How does it help the ummah to keep everyone down and dismiss those who want to serve Allah?

And what kind of big bucks are you talking about? Are you personally paying money towards a private Islamic school? Or are you talking as a member of the ummah? For me, I've been a teacher in three private schools (in addition to a charter school and a night school), and I can tell you that Muslim schools are very reasonable. Check out the cost of daycare and compare. Think if the money spent towards creating a well-rounded MUSLIM child is worth it. I believe that it is one of the most sound investments you can make.

You asked, "Could you enlighten enlighten me?" I can only try, with the help of Allah Subhana wa tallah.

Please come back, find a name to use for yourself, tone down your comments a bit, and see if you and I can understand each other easier the next time. Inshahallah.

Anonymous said...

Alhumdiallah. Go Yosra, Yosra!
I don't think I am reading into your strong desire to be part of an extended family (am I?)--which I have too and believe to be from our natural fitra. Somedays it overwhelms me with guilt to think about what my children are missing--no grandmas, no aunties, no uncles, cousins, grandpas...but inshallah it will come.
Love and Peace,

Anonymous said...

Asalamu Walaikum (Such bad commenting manners I am developing!) You know there is the big brouhaha in California right now about homeschooling parents needing to be licensed and some smart dude pointed out that home schooled children score higher on assestment tests than public school kids (as my son did, masha Allah). Therefore the HSing parents should be the ones to license the school teachers. So, I give you full license! Though I know you don't need it. ;)
Love and Peace,