Monday, September 29, 2008

EID AL-FITR on Tuesday or Wednesday

There is some confusion because Saudi and other countries are ending today and celebrating tomorrow while Egypt, Maylaysia, Europe and North America are having one more day of fasting.
Our Islamic scholars in America over at ISNA tell us Wedneday.
Our Muslim Assocation in Minnesota tells us tomorrow.
I hate this part of Ramadan.


Anonymous said...

Salam alikum Yosra,
please frogive me if im wrong sister but I thing all the masjids in minnesota are praying for eid tomorrow... (tuesday)... plese double check it though just in case
eid mubarak to u to!

Rayyan said...

Salam Yosra,

I am a new visitor to your blog,
don't know how I ended up here but I am thankful I reached such a wonderful person.....

I also just love this great surah which is your blog's main theme.

May you Allah ease all your difficulties soon , Ameen

Eidun Saeedun

Your sister in Islam,

Mona said...

Salamualiakum, I am also distressed by the lack of unity. We are in Egypt and have Eid tomorrow. Eid Mubarak just the same.

Anonymous said...

hi sister,
you need to check the surat al inshirah,you forget to write some words in arabic(faida faraghta fansab)

Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam Anonymous,

The various groups in MN did celebrate today, as they went with the Saudi officials. I went along with the Egyptian Al-Azhar and fasted today. So, tomorrow is my first day of Eid :)

Asalamlaykom Rayyan,

Thank you for coming by and please come again. You feel I'm a wonderful person, because you are one yourself :)

Eid Saeed!

Asalamalaykom Mona,

I will celebrate it with you, as will many parts of the world. But one ummah would be better of course.

Aslamalaykom Anonymous,

I tried to fix it. I think it's better now. Can you take a look? I don't read Arabic as well as you. JAK!