Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beautiful Pictures of Ramadan


Yo Islam Yo showcased this on his website but it's so good, I don't mind being unoriginal.

Please take a look at The Boston Globe's photographic essay on observing Ramadan around the world. This is something to share with your children AND with your family ESPECIALLY if they are learning about Islam.

Also, take a look at the almost 1,000 comments that have been lovingly written by our brothers and sisters. You do indeed feel a connection to the ummah when you read those.

If you read my post about Liz Logelin, you will have already seen many pictures from Jama Masjid, in India. There are two photographs from this sight.

Speaking of sight, the one photograph that broke me down was the one of young hands on large white books. There were no words. It was odd and then I read the caption and understood. Those were blind boys "reading" the Quran in braille. We with sight don't use our eyes to read, yet they suffer and strive to use their hands. Astragferallah.

Inshahallah, you will use your hands and your eyes to navigate your way over to the photos. Wallahi, you will leave the site feeling refreshed and enlightened.


saad said...

Jazakullah khair Sister Yosra, Yea feel free to spread whatever you like Inshallah, keep up the hard work on your blog, take care, Wasalaam.

Yosra said...

Asalamlaykom, Saad,

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for you kind words. It's like we are neighbors, right? Is there such thing as, "The Cyberhood"?

egyptchick7 said...

THat was such an amazing photo essay. It was what I needed, besides this blog and my two iftaar dinners to make me feel in the Ramadan mood...I don't have Ramadan feelings at home bc fam doen't practice so...this was soo nice. Thanks for sharing.

Q. Should I make halal lasagna for iftaar? I think the answer should be yes :)