Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Must Weed Your Mind

~Astrid Alauda

There are too many weeds.

I love metaphors, as they help me reach to depths which I can't grasp literally.

For this idea of weeding my mind, I think to my times pulling dandelions. First of all, many of us tend to think that it isn't really that bad to have a few dandelions. However, you have to remember how they spread. Their roots cut off the water supply to the thirsty grass. You must pull them. They are not benign.
Often, to pull them seems like an endless endeavor. Some of the dandelions you yank retain the remnants of roots and grow back. A yard in Minnesota is never really free of them (unless you shoot your grass full of chemicals which kills more than the weeds). Why try?

Eventually, if you never attempted to keep your yard dandelion-free, you'd see nothing but a sea of yellow. It really could happen.

The thing is, that I really am not in a very strong place to do all of this weeding now. It's a process. I believe it will take all of Ramadan at least to get the biggest, baddest dandelions pulled. They might even resurface later.

BUT the good news, fellow visitors to this garden, is that I shall not let the garden go to ruin.


L_Oman said...

Yosra - I don't even know how to articulate what I want to say here. But I'll do my best.

I may 'sound' harsh, but I am conveying all of this with a sincere heart. You are, after all a fellow Muslim and a woman like me.

Rhetoric. You are the queen of rhetoric and it's a wonderful thing. I LOVE reading you! However....(I hate however's) When I read you before in your previous blog, I was amazed at how you seemed to justify all the 'mess-ups' in your life and would come up with posts much like this one.

Sweetheart...My dear...I know that 'big boy boo' is the light of your life. Right now he's what keeps your wheels turning (of course, your deen does that too but stick with me).

I don't think you have weeds. I really don't! I think you're above and beyond all this silliness and can get your life on track. But, you're gonna have to do it with just one man in your life - that would be 'The Boo'. It's not so bad to be without a husband. And, instead of looking so hard for another replacement, I bet one will turn up when you least expect it.

And, with that I'll hit publish and wonder and hope that I haven't hurt your feelings. I just want the best for ya.

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom l_oman,

You are a dear sister to me. I read your comments always in love. No problem between us.

I'm glad you like to read me. Actually, I read me and learn a lot from what I realize I think. I don't always know what I think until I write it and read it back.

Maybe it ends up sounding like justification for any wierd happening. What I'm really trying to do is figure myself out. Why did I do that? What is the bright side? It helps me to put everything in perspective. That's a lot of the purpose of the blog.

Do I need a man? No. However, I want one. Yes, I do. No, you can't tell me I don't because I do.

Am I ready for a husband? No. Am I ready for the men to line up and starty vying for me? Yes, and they are already. So, it will be a process and I'm going to continue on with life as the guys with bods and brains and both let themselves be known.

It will not be AbuBoo. He is so happy with his current wife whom he can lie to about his affair. She can believe him and take him back readily. Me? He can't do that with me.

Who will it be? Allah knows. I'll just keep on my path inshahallah and leave a trail of admirers.

egyptchick7 said...

We all know what you WANT. But it is different from what you NEED.

I could say more, but that's all imma say. Khalas. L'oman said it best. As usual, I am rooting for you to succeed Yosra.

My mother, age 58 says it best "men are sooooo overrated." Although I am young, I already see her point. It is far too obvious with Arabs.

egyptchick7 said...

Oh am I dumb. You realized you don't need a man. Ignore that last comment where I stress the difference btw want and need, lol. It's good you recognize that.

Please don't do this online muslim matchmaker thing again. It isn't worth it.

L_Oman said...

Yosra. I'm so happy you didn't turn a cold shoulder to what I said.

I think your honesty is what sometimes 'freaks me out' and being bold about wanting a man so much is...well...just plain raw honest! Nothing wrong with wanting someone by your side - just don't cut yourself short and take whatever's out there!

Interested in Omanis? (Oh my gawd - can't believe I just said that!) I'm totally kidding! Seriously! (but if I do spot an available cousin....) Ugh! What has gotten into me?!?!?

XOX :) L.

Ben Right said...

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I think that our thoughts are actually living organisms (which isn't surprising, considering that all our food is plant-life, or meat that eats plants).

My book is totally free and I'd be honoured if you read it some time.

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