Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Walking in the Rain

As I ran out of the house this morning, I thought of this song. I only remembered this part:

When you're walking in the rain and the snow,

and there's nowhere to go,

and you feel as though a part of you is dying...

On my walk, I found a little crab apple. I picked it up and continued; carrying it a mile from its original home. It didn't have a say. As I walked, I rolled it around and around in my hand. The next time I looked at it, the dingy skin had become shiny vermilion.

I next marveled at how all the flower petals let water drops rest upon them. I saw the roses. Two white roses had crept inbetween the stones in the wall. They weren't supposed to be there. They were supposed to grow up on top, not poke out through the side of their contain. They grew, however, whether or not someone had a different plan for them. I touched the flower and two petals fell off.

As I was looking at the petals, I realized that I had a tiny stow-away. A little worm "duda" was attached to me, like I was his whole world. I didn't brush him off haphazardly. I carried him aloft on the back of my hand--right between my index finger and my middle finger. I knew I had a sudden responsibility for this life. I moved him where I thought best. He didn't know anything about my reasoning. It was so much playing God; I had to admit.

God is moving us to places we never dreamt and making our lives go through huge transformations. Why? It's for a reason. Really, it is. As long as we cling to God, we will be carried to that new place and land on our feet just fine.

For the worm, I chose a neighbor's cabbage leaf.

For me? I don't know what God has planned for me.


Shabana said...

May Allah bless you with what is best for you, Sister. *hugs*

Yosra said...

JAK, Shabana :) Hug accepted gladly

Anonymous said...

Wonder how your neighbor\'s cabbage is doing.

Faith Confusion said...

Lol, I had to laugh at Anonymous' comment re your neighbour's cabbage. But i'm so glad you're so full of wonder. It seems you are enjoying the journey. I'm glad :)... despite the upsets with your mum. Mine'd be the same.