Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wake Up!

Usually, I keep my bathroom habits to myself. I'm not one to loudly announce if I "have to go".

Here's the thing: I have very little else on my mind right now.

I know there's a lot else I'd like to say, but my mind can't think as clearly because ...

Well, I haven't left my room since I entered at 9:30 PM. It's almost 7:00 AM now.

Why don't I leave?

Because my mother needs her rest. She was blessed/cursed with these eagle ears and when I open my door I wake her up, unfortunately---very unfortunately for me especially.

So, you might ask: Hey, you! Yosra! I thought you were the one who posted about praying fajr! If you haven't left your room, then you haven't made wudu and you haven't prayed.

Wrong! I spoke with my friendly consultant who advised me to keep water in the room. So, there I was at 5:40 AM dipping my hands into a glass of water and making wudu on my mattress.

Funny, eh?

Allah knows the lengths I'm going to in order to love both Him and her.

She actually complained yesterday that because I woke her up and caused her to miss sleep that she could, "end up getting a stroke or a heart attack."

Remember, all I did yesterday was leave my room, use the toilet (without flushing, per her instructions), and wash up in the sink. No loud nose blowing! I didn't even utter my prayer louder than a whisper. I was quiiiiiiet.

Still, she woke up.

Alhumdulillah, I haven't heard her stir. That's good for her. It means that she is getting her rest.

As for me? I'll tell you this: as soon as I hear a flush, I am out of here!


srtuba said...

Salam! Discovered your blog today via a link from (I think) and went through (most of) the archives. Wonderful blog you have here!:)

Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam Sr.Tuba,

Thank you for your visit and kind words. Please flutter by any time.

UPDATE: My mom was up at 7:25. So, I can think and feel better.

She did come and say, "Good Morning," at my door, which beats, "ARE YOU UP ALREADY?!"

We talked for awhile and then she asked, "Did you get up and do your prayer?"

"Yes, alhumdulillah."

"You were so quiet!"

"I didn't leave my room. I washed in here and I waited to use the bathroom."

She recoiled a bit.

I offered up, "I'm trying."

Her face softened and she searched my eyes for something. I don't know what she found there but I hope she found love.

srtuba said...

Ehhh! That's so sweet! :)

Muslim Wife said...

Salaam Sis, I've been trying to leave a comment on the "Veiled Eyes" post, don't know if it went through.

I know you have comment moderation, but I'm not getting that automatic message thing that pops up when it's enabled...?

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Sr. Tuba,

Ya, I guess it is. Can't always complain about my mom, right?

Asalamalaykom Muslim Wife,

I don't know what's wrong. Sorry you're having troubles with it.

Try again. If it doesn't work, then write it for any other post with the heading: VEILED EYES and I can cut and paste it onto the correct blog.

Better be a good comment ;)

Shabana said...

May Allah reward you for your consideration for your mother and fulfilling your obligation to Him! Ameen.