Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sesame Street Teaches Gambling

While watching Sesame Street this morning, I was surprised to see The Count hold a lottery. Yes, gambling has come to preschoolers. Early indoctrination to the idea that this addictive habit is harmless is not OK with me.
I wrote to my local PBS station and told them that I was dissapointed in this way to introduce numbers while introducing an unnecessary evil.
I tried to contact The Children's Television Workshop, but their link for email isnt' working.
Dear ones in the ummah, could you please consider taking five minutes to write to your own locall pbs station? Tell them in a succinct way with immense politeness that you don't appreciate The Count calling off lottery numbers for young viewers.
Let me know if you did this.
And HEY! Send this on to your family and friends if you feel like I do that PBS needs to can this segment.

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Faith Confusion said...

I saw an ad on tv here the other day advertising health care funds... and the woman used a taser gun!! I wrote an email letting the advertising people letting them know i thought it was a tad inappropriate.. ??