Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Quickie

Writing to you to let you know that I'm alive and well.


Got to the airport somehow in time...and that was all due to the mercy of Allah and none to my horrible mismanaging the last weeks in Florida. It was a GREAT plane trip that truly couldn't have been better. It was followed by pure hell in the bathroom with a young boy who isn't really that keen to spray out his pee on command.

Now in Minnesota. Ya, I'll tell you that I'm in Minnesota.

Saw the kids. They are great. My son is sooo tall it and thin it just doesn't seem like that guy I knew as my little boo-boo boy. Do they feel that I'm abandoning them? That's what one commentator wants to know. Ah, more than usual. Funny how nobody threw that comment out to my father who left town years ago for a Directorship at an institute (a dream job), but critics are quick to note that for a mother who is leaving town for her dream job.

Went to the Uptown Arts Festival. Spent more time with ...I used to call him TBD for The Baby's Daddy, but I don't think the name fits anymore. X2? Number Two? It isn't as bittersweet as it used to be in Minnesota. It simply is what it is. Mr. Boo rode on his daddy's shoulders and tried to touch the leaves of the maples next to Lake of the Isles. A happy time.

Then, on the way home, I called Number Three on the phone and let him know that I missed him because I did. He isn't really an X. Will he be? I really couldn't tell you.

Mom and I have gotten along well so far, alhumdulillah. She is watching Mr. Boo and his new Buzz Lightyear toy (I am such a sucker for toys...someone stop me). I was able to set up the guest room Islamically with no faces on the walls. There's Quran and---

OH! the funny thing is that Mr. Boo keeps asking to play the "Quran-o". LOL! He means the piano and it just cracks me up.

I'll end it there.

This bench isn't meant for long soul searching. No matter the natural padding I've got, I have got to get up off these wooden slats.


egyptchick7 said...

Im so confused...I thought you were going to Saud? TBD is here? Why? I thought he was there? Is there a post that will answer these questions and others...I thought num 3 was an ex bc you have already divorced him as per another blog post.

Why were you in Florida? So many questions.

Anonymous said...

Your dad was wrong to leave and so are you.

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Egypt Chick,

Sorry to confuse you. My visa isn't ready yet. I'm here in MN until it is. TBD/Mr. Boo's dad is back living here. He's trying to get enough money together to get his 1st/current wife and their kids over here. Should be about two years until they make it here.

Number Three and I did divorce two times, but the iddahs never finished. He's got one last chance and it looks like he isn't taking it. This is Islamic only.

I was in Florida for him, but I found a great job alhumdulillah.

Asalamlaykom Anon,

Could you please find a pithy name for yourself?

Thanks for reading, but your judgemental attitude bites the big one. Keep reading, but I won't keep printing judgement that you shouldn't dish out on anyone...myself included. Only yourself, sweetheart...remember you only know what's best for yourself.