Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the Streets of St. Paul

This would be entirely romantic, if I was sitting at this table with a man, but instead I'm sitting here with a computer. It's dark. It's lamplit. I'm alone with my computer. Strange, but then life is strange.

I still don't have internet at mom's. T-Mobile has a deal for $20 a month but I can't get the right cable yet. Inshahallah, I will tomorrow.

Pick up the older kids tomorrow. Their dad finally allowed me to have them overnight at my mom's. That should be good for just chillaxing.

Their dad has yelled and sworn at me three times and now seems to have it out of his system. Really...the man has a heart condition and he goes ballistic with anger. I kept my calm even with his tirades. I simply can't get too much into his upset.

Talked with Mr. Boo's dad--is that a good name for him? He is encouraging me to stay strong.

I do feel weak tonight.

I talked with Mr. Boo's Baba, i.e., Mr. Florida, today. He has been mailing my boxes that I left for him. $150. Can you stand it? Man! I will really hate my stuff by the end of this! God bless him for mailing my stuff.

He isn't all bad. He isn't really bad at all. He just is who he is. I asked him how he felt.

"I tried the hardest I could. I gave 110%," was his answer.

"Maybe you should have tried easier," was my reply back.

It doesn't seem like there's much hope for us.

Mr. Boo went to a bida/bday party today. We had our fun.

Look, life is good. It is. Alhumdulillah.

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