Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Abu & Um

Sitting on the stoop outside,
waiting for you to stop speaking,
inside on your cell phone.

When you sit you are silent;
silent air, but not dead. We
sit in sunlight with flowers.

For a time there is kindness;
a sweet kind of forgiveness
between mother and father.

Then your words slice like a knife,
"If you'd been more open in
mind,"--unkind and incorrect.

My correction of facts. Then
your needing to right wrongs
done long ago. Our fights fought out.

On the steps, in the sunlight,
in the moment of today.
Too much to say; stop. Khalas.

We were crossing each other
like an ex; not a mother
or dad. We forgot--we had.

We don't have love together
but together we have our
love; our one, beloved son.

And when you left, I said, "Good
bye," to my boy's Abu. And
you wished the best for his Um.


egyptchick7 said...

ick...i HATE when they say " you didn't open your mind" when he doesn't mean having an open mind rather than turning the mind on, ..aka you didn't use your mind...

It is better not to fault each other for anything...both of you are equally responsible, both are at fault for the dissolution of a marriage. It is so easy to blame the other. It gets no where tho.

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom EgyptChick,

Ya, and you read my previous blog so you KNOW that I gave him waaaay more patience and understanding than any Arab woman would have.

I talked to him yesterday about making some kind of living arrangement for us with our son-- exploring options, ya know?

His response was that his first/current wife is Egyptian and wouldn't understand. WTH?! His whole deal when he was married to me was that I HAD TO understand how she was the mom of his kids. I HAD TO be a good Muslimah and allow for him to have two wives. Now? NOPE! She is Egyptian and can't handle it.

Whatever! Close that chapter. Allah knows I tried to figure out a life with my boy's father.