Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Asalamu Alaykom,

Trajectory is the path a moving object follows through space. The object might be a projectile or a satellite, for example. It thus includes the meaning of orbit - the path of a planet, an asteroid or a comet as it travels around a central mass. A trajectory can be described mathematically either by the geometry of the path, or as the position of the object over time.

A year ago, I was in a hospital with my son, who had just recovered from an emergency appendectomy  This was necessitated by his swallowing of six lead pellets he found inside a broken maraca.



Now, here I am preparing to leave my new home with my healthy son (and alhumdulillah for that) for teaching in Saudi Arabia. Inshahallah, a month from now I should be leaving.


It's too much sometimes to imagine how I can get to the future, but then I remember how far I have come from the past.

I am truly on a course and on course. I'm evolving as I'm revolving and I am going where I'm supposed to be, inshahallah.

A year ago, I was almost engaged to a man I didn't love and headed for a life I didn't want. I changed all that. I married for love and got the man I desperately wanted.

I settled down in a nice house, spent time off in a great city, then got a wonderful job and met fabulous friends. I couldn't have wished for any better. Though our marriage got confusing, many wonderful things remain, including our love for one another.

A year ago, I had $62,000 in unpaid medical bills. Alhumdulillah, they are all paid off.

Very importantly, the Consumer Product Saftety Commisssion has taken my testimony about the use of lead in maracas from Mexico. There is at least one major outlet in the U.S. which no longer carries this item. I stood there, amongst ever other decorative item from Mexico and felt such a huge relief at not seeing one maraca. They were all pulled from the shelves. The store did that because of me. I did that. I did that so no one else suffered like my son. Alhumdulillah for the small victories in life.

There will be no lawsuit. There are reasons for this, and I know best what they are. Plus, I don't need another lawsuit in my life. I just need the small victories.

A year ago, I didn't know whether or not I'd ever see my son's father again. I now have. It was healing. Alhumdulillah. I feel the truth on that. Time tells us the truth eventually.

Alhumdulillah that Allah Subhana wa Tallah is Ar-Rahman; Ar-Raheem.

So, as I continue on this path, I need to think of it as more celestial than earthy; more of an orbit than a jog. I am on a trajectory.

So are you.

If I start to freak out at where I'm going over the next year, I only need to remember how far I've come.

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L_Oman said...

Mabrook on the new venture in your life!