Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things that Equal My Marriage

talking to my friend on the weekend = my marriage

a pillow not propped up properly on the couch = my marriage

my hair found in the kitchen = my marriage

not all the labels facing outward = my marriage

a scratch on the big screen TV = my marriage

my son not getting to bed on time = my marriage

the DVD player pushed in on the entertainment center=my marriage

the mess on my desk = my marriage

my need to grade papers = my marriage

the cost of my son's haircut = my marriage

the cost of eating out once a week for under $20 a time=my marriage

picking my son's father up from the airport = my marriage

two juices and a small bag of chips = my marriage

It comes to this.

It comes to a list of stupidity.

All of these items on the list somehow became as important as the union of two souls brought together to praise Allah. All of these have been used as reasons to divorce me in the last nine months. How did that happen? Why did it happen? Subhanallah! Each and every item I listed has been allowed such importance.

What are any of you allowing to be equal in weight to your marriage? Does it deserve that much importance? Really? Or are the problems too petty to really list.

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