Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Procrastinating This Move

I'm 'fessing up: I don't really have the energy for this move.

I moved out of my lovely three-bedroom house in December, 2006.

I moved out of my homey one-bedroom apartment in November, 2007.

I moved out of his three-bedroom townhouse end of January, 2008.

I moved out of this two-bedroom apartment before February hit; the ink wasn't even dry on the contract I wiggled out of.

Then I moved out of his townhouse again on February 21st.

Then, after a lot of build-up, I started to move out of my apartment the first week of July.

But I moved back into my apartment when I was told, "After you leave for Saudi, we're all done."

OK, you tired?

I am.

I'm also sick...and not just sick and tired. I am sick with some kind of clogged up goopy throat/nose thing.

So, I'm lying (not laying...trying to remember to use English correctly before I head off to teach it) on the couch (which I have to sell this weekend) watching drivel: Daytime TV's Top 5 Moments from People Magazine. I no longer have a TV, remember? I don't really miss it, but I need a little fix, like any junkie does. This fits the bill. I am trying to get you to try it too, so I guess I'm now a pusher.

But I'm not all bad...

I woke early, prayed fajr (alhumdulillah), read Quran (not sure how I move the huge Mohammed Asad translation with tafsir), drank Lipton's Ginger Twist tea, and procrastinated.

Just a little more of Daytime TV...

I just read this on Wikipedia about my Quran translation : This particular translation is banned in Saudi Arabia,[1] perhaps deviating from the orthodox interpretation of some passages.

OK, well, I guess that's one less thing to bring to Saudi.


L_Oman said...

I'm tired reading that, so you must be absolutely 'kaput'!

I hope that your stay in Saudi will give you time to wind down. Life beats to a different drum over here and well, if you're used to things running like a clock it's going to be an adjustment for you! I think a good adjustment, though.

Our Rewards Await Us said...

Hmmm...that's interesting....that's the translation that CAIR sent out for free during their campaign to introduce the Qur'an to Americans who were requesting it for free (back during the time when it came out that American soldiers were urinating on Qur'ans and flushing them in toilets).