Monday, July 14, 2008

Pleasure vs. Happiness

I've been making some tallies in my life.

What is it that I'm doing for short-term gratificaiton?

What is it that I'm doing for long-term happiness?

That pleasure is so fleeting. It isn't something to hang onto and the more you try to make it into something it's not, then the more frustrated you become. It will never be what you want because what you want is happiness.

Happiness is not guaranteed in Quran. That's the Preamble to the Constitution you're thinking of. We Muslims are promised peace. I think that once you have peace you acheive happiness. No peace equals no happiness.

Peace resides in truth, safety, openness, connectedness, honoring, loving, fulfilled promises and shared faith and hope. When you don't have those things, then you cannot acheive that small quiet inside you which produces the calm and then the joy.

So enough of where I've been. I'm re-moving.

I thought about that strange turn of phrase: I'm re-moving. In surah 94, Allah says, "Didn't we remove your burden?"

Yes, I am re-moving to get rid of my burden. This has been a burden where I am: a quest for happiness with an impossiblity. No peace. No happiness.

Only pleasure.

And I've had enough.

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