Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Learning about Saudi

Trying to find out accurate information about Saudi.

Found this U.S. Government report:

but we all know how accurate those have been, i.e., the report on WMDs.

Found this about the Saudi woman killed by her father for chatting on Facebook.

This article is interesting, but contains a disturbing photo of a woman buried up to her head amongst rubble, seemingly bloody, with no explanation.

This other article is about women driving in Saudi. I DON'T WANT TO DRIVE IN SAUDI! I'm looking forward to having a driver.

OK, this site is an upper, not a downer. I'll leave you with beautiful images of the country I hope to see before Ramadan.

When I learn more, I'll post more.


musulmana said...

Assalamu Aleikum wa Rahmatulahi wa Barakatuhu,

Planning to work there, umrah, a short stay?

I'm asking because it is not so easy to get a "tourist visa".

Just curious as to why you chose the Kingdom as opposed to UAE, Qatar, or one of the other Gulf countries.

Yosra said...

Wa Alaykom Asalam Wa Rahtmatullah Wa Barakatu Musulmana,

I have been offered a job at a woman's college for the next two years. Actually, I signed the contract so I should say, "I have a job in Saudi," but that just sounds too unreal. My mind can't comprehend it.

This is a work visa I'm waiting for.

After I was fired for wearing hejab in 2003, I went for my TEFL certification. Since then, it's been in my mind to teach overseas when the time arose. Seemed like this was the time.

For obvious reasons, I wanted to be in a Muslim country. I know it won't be perfect or filled with perfect people. It will simply be another way to be part of the ummah and I'm looking forward to it.

I applied for a couple of colleges and the one in Saudi hired me. That's the long and the short of it.

So, in the conservative religion of Islam, I chose the most conservative country and even within that country, I'll be headed for the most conversative district. Inshahallah, it will all be for the best.

Thanks for asking!

musulmana said...

Thanks for responding ,

My husband's family lives in Riyadh and my best friend might move there too.

Once you get there, I can let them know about you, insha'Allah.

L_Oman said...

I am excited to read about your impressions of the gulf after you arrive. Will be very, very interesting indeed!

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Musulmana,

I appreciate your reaching out to me. Thanks :) You know, in Islam, the compassion shown between sisters is more than I could have ever imagined.

Asalamalaykom l_oman,

LOL, I'm excited too!

One reason I wanted to start the blog up again is to capture all of this adventure from the beginning. I don't know how it will change me, but I know it will. I'm actually asking Allah for the changes. I simply can't stay this same person.

If you could pleeeeease come along with me, I'd sure appreciate it. I really know that Allah is with me, alhumdulillah. I just need some sista-friends as well, inshahallah.

Anybody else out there?

L_Oman said...

Yosra - I'll join you on the journey and I think that it's wonderful you are capturing everything from the beginning. My 'idea' of how things were to be before we left for the gulf vs. now could be compared like...salt and pepper...oil and water...night and day. You get my point.

You're going to make it. But honestly, I'm worried how you'll cope in Saudi - it's liveable for sure! As a single woman there, it's going to be a challenge. Not one you can't handle, but you're gonna have to be real strong.

You're really in my thoughts and prayers! :)