Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Not All Going With Me

I'm being interviewed by my three-year-old son on his toy microphone.

"Hi, Mommy. What are you doing?"

He then expertly puts the mic up to my mouth.

"I'm getting ready to fly on the airplane"

He flips the mic back to his mouth. "I'm not going on the airplane! I'm going to Baba's store! I'm going to run out and go to Baba!"

But then he puts down the mic and starts playing. Kids are resilient. I need some of this.

Did you see the GORGEOUS MASHAHALLAH GORGEOUS butterfly picture I posted? I didn't take it. Oooh, it's so lovely. And it was only a brief moment in time. I can't have that moment. I can only have a picture of that moment. It's a memory that's been caught; not the actual butterfly. And I love it! I enjoy it! However, I don't have to own it.

You get me?

I'm going to leave somethings...and some people...behind

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