Friday, July 25, 2008

Hejab Debate

I think this discussion (while I can't understand all the transliterated Arabic lingo) is interesting. The topic? An older actress might want to start wearing hejab.

Here's another blog talking about additional actresses wearing and then not wearing hejab.

Oh, and then
THIS caught my eye. Did that Egyptian actress, Yousra, tell another actress, Hanan Turk, not to continue wearing hejab? I love reading the comments.

It keeps going!

I looked up that actress Hanan Turk and found not only a pictures of her

Hanan Turk BEFORE:

Hanan Turk AFTER:

but I also found another controversy.

OK, and look at this great blog but tell me why the sis has her jeaned leg up on the rear bumper of a red car? What is she showing? Oh, sis, please put your foot down! If this was to illustrate what NOT to do, then I don't think it should be up on the web.

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