Friday, July 25, 2008

He Waited Up for Me

He stood there quiet; silently mad
thinking I'd been out and been terribly bad.

I'd been having a date; having a lark
I didn't know he'd be home; waiting in the dark.

The light flipped on; I was startled and gasped.
He said nothing; just stared. Time? It elapsed.

Said I,"Well, at least you never go away,"
"but, I'm sorry, my darling-- you cannot stay."

My sandal went forth quickly to stamp him out
"YOU DISGUSTING ROACH!" was my shrill shout.

Then, he was gone.

He had seemingly disappeared,
When I suddenly sensed what I had always greatly feared!

That creepy little guy was now crawling on me!
He had wanted to "shake a leg" and was up by my knee!

"GET OUT!" I cried and moved like crazy.
Out he was flung, and he sat there lazy.

He'd gotten some action, much more than my date,
and he was off to another; it was getting late.

"Go ahead--GO!" I called as he scuttered.
"Just like all the rest," was the last I muttered.

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