Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Asalamlaykom, I'm going off line today and I'll be off until I figure out how to get back on.

Had an interesting phone call from Egypt yesterday. My former in-laws are telling me that they are not accepting of the first/current wife. She is not allowed in their homes.

However, they are asking me there and I just might go. When? I can see three weeks bunking with mom and then heading out. We'll see. If I go, inshahallah, I would love to spend Ramadan in Egypt with family (who love me still, alhumdulillah) than in a new country with no one I know. And honestly, I would look for possible jobs in Egypt, as perhaps this is an indicator of where I feel more at home.

Right now, however, I feel absolutely sick to my stomach. Something I ate? Maybe. But definately it's the enormity of all the work of leaving; of moving on to the unknown.

I wish all of you well. Please keep me and Mr. Boo in your du'as.

My Best,



egyptchick7 said...

Oh gosh, Egyptian families can be so fickle.

One day they love you and the next day not. It probably has to do with something so small like this ( purely hypothetical)" She didn't visit the ailing father in law while he was sick" or something to that effect.

Because you are American you don't have to be subjected to this kind of drivel. Bc I am half, I am expected to call my pops often and get yelled at if my egyptian uncle is in the states and I dont call...

Goodluck in Saudia, after watching Bourdain's "no reservations" episode, it looks interesting but not too accomidating to the females :)


Hawkfeather said...

you left such nice comments on my little journal-
I think reminding each other we are beautiful is a nice gift for each of us but also ourselves .. a bit of a mirror we need.

yes my youngest is Chime- but her middle name is Inshallah-
before i conceived her i lost two pregnancies- once I was expecting her i was so afraid to fall in love- and started to fear that if we spoke too positively about our future child we would curse the outcome somehow..
my partner started it.
"When the baby comes..Inshallah...we will______"
any time he mentioned our babe he added Inshallah-
it became baby Inshallah before we knew it.. it just always worked.. She is our gift no doubt!

that butterfly picture is stunning!

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom EgyptChick,

YOU WERE SO FREAKIN' RIGHT! Turns out that they were bad talking me to his first/current wife. I don't like backbiting and told them that from the get-go (while my ego kind of lapped it up). BUT I REALLY can't stand this two-faced routine. They are OUT of the deal.

Asalamalaykom Hawkfeather,

How did your man know the word, "inshahallah"? What's his background?

You are a very intriguing woman and I admire your honesty and beauty.

Thank you so much for gracing my blog with your sweetness.