Monday, July 28, 2008

Ectopic? Appendix? Hypochondriac?

How much would you pay to find out about that pain on the right side of your abdomen?

I paid $250 to find out that it's not an ectopic pregnancy.

I refused to pay $12,000 (like I had it) to find out if was appendix.

I'm going to tack it up to stress, carrying heavy boxes, stress, lifting Mr. Boo, stress, my period, stress and stress.

Sitting on the couch, which I should have sold this weekend, while Mr. Boo watches youtube. Our favorite video right now is Toy Story, except for the scary parts.

He takes after me. I don't like the scary parts either. And I'm a little scared...but don't tell him.
It's not fear about what's happening in my body. I think that's just the symptom. It''s fear about what's happening in my life. So, I guess that makes me a hypochondriac.

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L_Oman said...

Thank God you are ok, Yosra. I don't think you're a hypochondriac. We react in different ways to stressful situations. My reaction to the impending move over here was to eat Reeses non-stop. As in the economy-BAGS of them. :)

And, what are you so afraid of anyways? Think of it as a fresh start. And if it doesn't work out there, there's the Emirates...Oman...Qatar...Bahrain...

As scary as this all seems, don't shut your eyes! You'll miss all the good parts, dear.