Sunday, June 29, 2008

Backbiting Leads to Fall From Grace

What would make stunningly beautiful supermodel Ruslana Korshunova leap off of her posh apartment's balcony on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

My guess is that there wasn't much of her soul left.

Here she is at the start of her career, on the cover of Russian Vogue, around the age of 17.

By the age 20, she had already been disected to pieces by the viewers in the world, who feast on the sweetness of others, and digest the details, then reguritate them up for others.

By clicking onto one message board, I saw 68 pages containing 1,354 postings since 2005. Persue the thoughts of those who like to chew the fat and you'll see how they thought about her hair, her face, her mouth, her braces, her legs...all of it was fodder for the masses.

It's sad.

Now, there's a new message board mourning her death.

I was looking at this recent picture of Ruslana, when my little guy woke up just now. He trudged out of the bedroom and plopped next to me on the couch.

I asked him, at not quite the age of three, if he thought she was pretty.

"She mad. Her face is mad."

He sees something. I wish the other people around her had seen it. Maybe they could have talked with her, instead of about her.

As Muslims, we know that backbiting is truly the cannibalism of our brothers and sisters. May all of us Muslimahs love our sweet sisters as ourselves and give them the understanding, appreciation, and forgiveness of their faults.


Lady Nomadica said...

Welcome back!! Truly an unexpected surprise to see your blog opened up again!!

Yosra said...

Asalamalaykom Lady N.,

Thank you, for your welcome.

I was wondering if I should keep this post or not. I had originally made this new blog to be all sun-shining positive...which this posting isn't. Maybe it's a bit in the shade, but certainly not the dark of the first blog. May I never see that dark again.