Sunday, September 9, 2007

Readying for Ramadan: Media

It's a good time to think about what you are taking in...and I don't mean food.

Think about what else comes into you: the energy others give, the thoughts, the comments, the gossip, the knowledge, the music, the TV, the movies, the internet.

You have the power to consume good or bad. Too often, though, we are babies with gaping mouths being fed pablum. We numb our consciousness with nothingness.

As Muslims, we are asked to remain in full control of our senses. This is why we do not do drugs or alcohol. We must remain ready to do God's work any waking moment.

Think about how much those other substances coming through our ears and eyes might be harming us or our family.

For me, this Ramadan, I am going to have to struggle with my desire to watch Survivor. This year the show takes place in China and I think that sounds really interesting. BUT it is unrelated men and women living closely together; sleeping together even. How does that help my life? How does that help my growing children? Sadly, I have to admit that it doesn't.

Sure, there is some good that comes from that program. It teaches many worthy attributes; like perseverance, determination, inner strength, team work, and faith. It, however, teaches other things like lack of modesty, underhandedness, lying, cheating, stealing, backbiting and jealousy.

In Islam, we learn that if something has good in it, but that the bad outweighs the good, then we shouldn't do it. So, this Ramadan I will not be watching Survivor: China. It is a sacrifice. Giving it up now might mean giving it up forever. Good habits are formed during Ramadan.

Two years ago, I stopped listening to the pop station as a regular listener. I used to have the station on as background noise. I let the songs flit through my brain mindlessly. Now? No. I really examined how one great, uplifting song could be followed by a horrible song filled with sexual innuendo. You can't control the radio like you can CDs. I now play music instead of letting the music play me.

I used to listen to music in the car but since the stereo is broken I can't. What do I do? I recite Quran as I drive (especially the bridges). I am at peace as I drive and my son hears, and hopefully learns, the words of Allah.

During Ramadan last year, I didn't listen to anything other than Quran and nasheed. Mashahallah, I was calmer.

I'm not saying that you have to give up everything forever. That's a mighty big request! We as humans can't fathom those quantum leaps. However, we can imagine giving up what is unhealthy for what truly sustains us.

There are a lot of wonderful, educational programs that make you a better person. You become a true servant of Allah instead of a slave of the TV. See what you can change in your viewing and listening habits this Ramadan. Make the intention to monitor what goes in, so that you can improve the the efforts you put out.


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