Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ramadan Frustrations

It's easy to get frustrated when you are fasting. You aren't numbed by the comfort of a full belly. Your head might be dulled by hunger. You are more intune with the immediate reality of every situation. You have less patience.

Some would think, therefore, that Ramadan is a great time to work on your patience.

I'm thinking it's also a great time to work on ridding your life of expendable frustrations:

The alphabet letter magnets laying around the refrigerator which make cooking in the kitchen an Indian Jones like challenge.

Upsetting information in an IM session which comes while you need to pay attention to cooking.

The phone call while you're eating from a person that doesn't participate in fasting and therefore doesn't understand what you are feeling.

That all happened around the breaking of the fast

Feeling off-balanced is the first key to realizing that there is a better way. You must feel the difference and fasting helps with that.

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