Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Break in Routine

On this, the seventh day of Ramadan, I have established a routine. It now feels normal to get up before 5:00 AM pray two rakhas, read Quran, then eat beans and whole wheat pita. I'm comfortable with the constant pace of, "gotta keep going" as I brush my teeth and floss before 5:30. Really, I can down three glasses of water in that time period and then go pray fajr.

So, this morning, it came as a bit of a shock to hear little boy feet trod sleepily through the hallway; my two-year-old.

What was he doing up?

My routine was broken and I'll admit I felt jostled out of my calm. Would he ruin it? Would I have to attend to him and thus be unable to fully attend to my own needs? Selfishness was creeping up in me, as he climbed up on my lap. He eyed the yummy oatmeal cereal squares sitting on the plate.

"Wha dat?" he asked.

I had to offer some to him.

Oh, no...was he going to eat all my suhour; my carefully planned suhour?

He ate one, maybe two, and then fed the rest to me. He fed me...the one who coveted the cereal. May Allah bless him. May Allah forgive me.

Time to brush and floss. Would he fuss as I entered the bathroom? He followed me as I went in, but then he walked out and shut the door. I forgot about him, in my tiredness, but soon wondered what kind of mischief he was into on the other side of the door. When I finished, I opened the door to find....

him laying down in the hallway waiting for me. He was rubbing his eyes. He looked up at me with such sweetness, mashahallah.

Time for my last glass of water. I held him with my left arm as I did everything with my right. It felt good to have him with me now. I took my gulp and then offered him some. He sipped and then pushed the glass to my mouth. He wanted to make sure I had enough.

The time to pray was on. Honestly, I hoped that he would be good. I tried to find a kid's show on TV that could occupy him. I flipped channels in vain: news about OJ Simpson, news about Senator Craig, the weather. Don't kids watch TV at 5:36? He toddled over and turned off the TV, then returned to me on the couch.

"It's time to pray. I've got to pray," I tried to explain.

"ALLAH!" He illuminated.

I beamed. "Yes, to Allah. Allah gives us everything. Allah gave me you. Alhumdulillah. Allah gives us our food, our money, our car..."

"Scoo ba."

I laughed because I knew what he meant. "Yes, and school buses. Allah gives us school buses. So, I need to pray to Allah to say, 'thank you,' for everything Allah gives. Do you want to pray with me?"

He's prayed with me many times, but never at fajr. Would he do it? Was he too tired?

I put on my prayer cover-up and stood on the living room carpet. I began and he left.

"Oh, well, " I thought in that split second. "He ran off, but it was worth a try."

I re-focused my prayer. I could hear him walking around and walking back. I opened my eyes to see the green prayer rug being opened at my feet.

He had wanted me to pray on the rug instead of my usual way of praying on the carpet.

I went down with tears in my eyes, in gratitude for a break in the routine.


Mia said...

What a sweet story. You are indeed blessed :)

Safa said...

Masha Allah!!! You wrote this out so well, that I could picture it in my mind........

egyptchick7 said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)

Ijtema said...

Assalamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah
I pray that you are in the best of health & imaan.
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May Allah bless you for your noble efforts.

John & Anthea Mullis said...

Isn't it always the way? We go looking for God and find He's right there, beside us, in the very ordinarynes of our lives. Masha Allah!

Have a good day :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW! That was so beautifully prepared by Allah (swt) and beautifully written by you. What a sweet little child your baby-boo is, masha'Allah :)

I LOVE your new blog! Masha'Allah, Allahu akbar!!!


John & Anthea Mullis said...

CONGRATULATIONS on having your blog chosen for publication on IJTEMA. Sabhanallah.

I looked at the site and found an entry about the Ramadan Drummer. The writer had never heard of one before. Have you? I well remember his daily 'racket' from my time in Albania.


Our Rewards Await Us said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

That was so sweet! You have such a great way with words that I felt like I could see your little boy doing all those precious things. May Allah bless him and you this Ramadan.

DramaMama said...

That was sooo sweeet, subhanallah!

mummyjan said...

Awww, that is so sweet. My little girl tries to 'share' everything she eats with me. Puts a morsel into my mouth.

She runs to get the prayer rug for me too. And my scarf. It's so sweet.

Shells said...

You bring tears of tenderness to my eyes!

Asmaa said...