Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I Sold the House


Break out the cheese puffs!


This is the day after I tell my husband we are all through. Subhanallah! The energy that was released from that action, then released the house. Subhanallah! Go ahead, tell me it's a sign. Everybody---all together now---say with me:


I'm doing the right thing.

And the really amazing thing is that these people already had been the lowball bidders THE DAY HE LEFT TOWN. Remember?? They didn't value the house enough and after I countered they let it drop...until today; the day after I end my marriage. NOW?! Well, now I am getting full price and we pay closing costs. That's so fair and so right. Alhumdulillah. AND the closing is set for the end of this month. Subhanallah. I move in three weeks. Inshahallah.

God is indeed great. God is indeed merciful.

Think what you have blocking your blessings and get it the heck out of the way! God is trying to give you something wonderful!

originally posted as Honorary Arab