Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 from a Muslim's View

Look, right off the bat I'm going to tell you that I don't speak for every Muslim on the planet, or even every Muslim from America, or even from my house. I am one Muslim telling you about how I feel about the events of September 11th.

What do you think I'll say?That I love people dying horrible deaths? That I'm praying for the destruction of the evil West? That I'm glad children are without their parents?
Come on.
Of course not.
I watched the 9/11 documentary on CBS last night (thanks to us running out to Best Buy and buying a new set). It was incredible. I love documentaries as a rule. This one was exceptional. I had shivers a few times. It showed me more than I had ever seen or understood before. Thank you, CBS.
I feel for the people who were victims. It never should have happened to anyone. Ever. It was wrong. It served no purpose. There might be good that has come out of it (such as renewed faith in many) but that doesn't justify a thing. And there are many victims.
Muslims are also victims in this. We didn't all take a vote and ratify this action. We had no idea, just like you. I was as surprised as you that morning. I blew it off as an ordinary plane crash when I first heard and turned off the radio. I didn't want bad news to ruin my day. But it did ruin my day, and my months and now years as Muslim in the U.S.
I get that you are scared of me under my veil. When you look at me like I'm a creature from outerspace I try to excuse you. When you ask me suspiciously where I'm from again, and again, I remember that you think you're helping Home Land Security. And when a secret file was kept against me at my nice job with all the nice people, who harassed me and then fired me...well, I sued them and won.
The point is that all of us suffered a loss of safety and peace. Terrorism is bad for all of us. I don't endorse it. Those people, who were born as Muslims, didn't die as Muslims that day. I have never heard any Muslim, either privately or publicly cheer on what took place. As a collective, we are sorry for their actions, but not remorseful. They were not our representatives.
Today, I watched "The View" when Rosie O'Donnell said, "Whatever God you follow, let's pray for peace." Whatever God? What?! Until Christian Americans get the idea that we follow the same God...the same...the exact same God...we will not get over this phase in our country's life.
Please believe that I pray to the one true God, like you, for peace.
I promise you that, as the American mother of a Muslim, I will never teach my child to hate you. Now, can you promise me that as an American mother, or father, you will never teach your child to hate me?
Please consider your continued role in healing our country.
Thank you.

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