Wednesday, June 14, 2006

After Every Storm

A week ago I sat and listened to my husband plead for me to stay his wife.

Tonight he asked me, "Do you have a dick? Do you have to be the man? Is that how they act in America? You can leave the house when you want? You don't care?"

I had left the house when he was threatening to "teach me a lesson," like his ex. He meant that he could divorce me and then take me back once I had discovered the harsh realities of life.
Well, nothing is more harsh than him browbeating me to go back to work so that he can afford to fly back to Egypt.

Oh, and there was a new message from her; letting him know that, "After every storm there is a rainbow."

I'd like to point out that the Hallmark card quote isn't true. Not every storm. No. And if she enters into another commitment with him, I doubt she'll get a rainbow. I certainly don't see mine.

I went to look at a two-bedroom apartment today in a very large complex of buildings. It felt like a nice slum. I actually saw an older Russian woman I knew from teaching English. She was sweet.

But, no matter who my neighbors could be, I will miss this house so much when it goes on the market. We have to sell it to pay off the debt. His debt. His problem. My adjustment.

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